Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some Randomness

3 more days until break!  I think I can...I think I can!  We have been busy this week doing Christmas projects and crafts and reading Christmas books.  Last week, I made a stop into the Target Dollar Spot and found these cute notepads.
I may have grabbed quite a few because I knew that I could definitely use them for something and I'm glad I did.  We have already used them for two different stories.
After reading The Gingerbread Baby, the students listed the characters that the Gingerbread Baby met along the way.
We also used this paper after reading The Mitten.
It truly is amazing what the novelty of a colorful pad of paper will do for student engagement.  After listing the characters in The Mitten, the students retold the story to a classmate.
Another quick activity we completed today {inspired by Amy Lemons} were these word chains.
I wrote 10 Christmas words on the board and had the students use each word in a sentence.  We discussed the importance of using a capital letter at the beginning and correct ending marks.

 You could use these for so many things, addition problems, spelling words, nouns, verbs, vocabulary words, etc.
 How many more days do you have before break?   


The Colorful Apple said...

Love those notepads! The students must have had a blast writing on them.

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple

Lovely Nina said...

3 half days left before break--whoop whoop!!

Tanya said...

3 days! Yowsers! I don't know how 23 1st graders in one room can be so physically exhausting! :0)
Those notepads are so cute and I just got home from Target! I was in Dollar Spot and wished I had known to look for them! Cute cute idea!
Enjoy your break!

Kelly Burlinski said...

What a great idea with the notepad! I will have to remember that!

Kelly said...

As I was reading your post about the notepads, I was thinking of some other uses too. why didn't I think of them when I was at Target and walked right past them! lol I hope they will still have some next time I go. Loved all of your ideas!
I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

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