Saturday, October 18, 2014

November Games Galore

Isn't it crazy that we are over halfway through October?  It has gone by so fast and November is baby due date month!  Oh my goodness!  We still have SO much to do!
Anyways, I did get a chance to finish my November Games Galore NO PREP Math & Literacy Games packet.
This packet contains 5 Math and 5 Literacy Games intended for partner play as well as 2 whole group games (November Bingo &  Football Next Number Scoot).
All of the games come in a black and white version, but some also come in full color if you would prefer to print them off and laminate them for future use.

You can check these out by clicking HERE!
Don't forget that if you have already purchased the Games Galore Bundle, you can go and redownload it to get the November packet for no additional charge.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our Columbus Day Voyage

For quite a few years now, we have been doing a Columbus Voyage with our first graders.  I blogged about it 2 years ago HERE.
This year I'm at a different school and fortunately I work with some amazing 1st grade teachers that jumped right in and wanted to do this voyage as well.  We did have to adjust some things due to the fact that we have more than double the 1st graders than we did in my other school.  It just didn't seem like a good idea to have 115 1st graders going into 7 different classrooms to trade items.  Instead, we put all of our trading items in a large conference room and our recess aides helped to trade with our students.
First, each student was given a snack bag to represent our food on our long journey and we decorated our Columbus Day hats.
Each student was also given a bag of 7 trinkets (bells, beads, jewels, and mirrors) to use as trading items.  Then, we began our voyage as explorers and we walked around the outside of the school for our 2 month voyage across the ocean.
When we reached "land," we met the Native Americans and traded our trinkets for items from the New World.

We took all of our new items back across the ocean and to our classroom to begin working in our Columbus Day Voyage booklets.

It was a lot of fun and the students loved it!  You can download this packet for free by clicking HERE.
We also completed this short Columbus Day booklet if you want to check it out.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Long Vowel Word Work

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE Fall Break?!  Unfortunately, the weather has been rainy and cold and I have only left the house once so far...but I have been able to accomplish a lot at home.
First up, I finished up my Long Vowel Word Work packets.
With my Short Vowel packets, I posted them as I finished them because we were in the midst of teaching short vowels at school and then I bundled them at the end.  This time around, since we aren't ready for long vowels yet, I finished them all and posted them at the same time as the bundle! 
These are very similar to my Short Vowel Word Work packets, which is great for easy planning each week!  My students know EXACTLY what to do and we barely even have to review the directions.  I use many parts of these every single week for independent work stations while I meet with small groups!
My Long a, Long i, and Long o packets are larger because they include a section dedicated to silent e as well as the vowel teams that make the long sound as well.
So, my Long A Word Work packet includes a full section of activities for a_e that I will use for our week that I introduce that phonics skills.  Then it includes another section that introduces ai & ay, which I will be using during a different week.
The Long i packet includes i_e as well as ie, igh, and -y and the Long o packet includes o_e, oa, and ow.
The Long e and Long u packets only contain the one section because the vowel patterns are introduced together.  E includes ee, ea, ey, and -y and U includes u_e, ew, ue, and ui.
You can find each individual packet by clicking on the picture below.
Or, you can save money and purchase the ENTIRE bundle.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Parent Teacher Conference Time and Must Have FREEBIES

Parent Teacher Conferences are right around the corner.  The beginning of the school year has gone by SO fast!
I am wanting to try something new this year and have my students complete some Self Evaluation prior to conferences.  I came up with these forms for us to complete next week.

I compiled all of these forms, made them EDITABLE, and put them into a FREEBIE for you.  You will also find the following forms:

Click on the picture below to download this FREEBIE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
I also wanted to remind you of some Fan Freebies that I have had over on my Facebook page since last year that are perfect for Parent Teacher Conferences.

You can get these by "Liking" my FB page and then clicking on the Fan Freebies tab.
Are you gearing up for Parent Teacher Conferences?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Nonfiction in October

I LOVE all of the fun topics to teach about in October!  It's a time of year when I can't wait to pull out all of my nonfiction books and do tons of read alouds.  One of my students this week said, "Wow!  You always have a book about everything we are learning about."  Ha!  Well, yes I do :)
I created this Nonfiction in October unit and have been working away at it for the last couple of weeks.
This past week, we have been learning all about bats using this packet.
We read our information page and worked on text evidence by highlighting our answers in the text.

We created anchor charts.
 We also worked a lot with vocabulary.
The other topics included in this packet are:

 This 100 page unit will easily carry you through October.
 This packet is on sale in my TpT store through the weekend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We Are Going Batty!

Things have been batty in 1st grade.  We have been busy, busy, busy reading tons of fiction and nonfiction books about bats.  It's always fun learning more about bats and sorting through the myths and facts.  We created this anchor chart on Monday.
We thought of things that we knew about bats first. Then after reading a nonfiction book, we added our new learning.
The students also filled out their own charts for things that they "wondered" about bats.
The sheet above will be included in my upcoming packet "Nonfiction in October."
Yesterday and today we worked on writing about bats and creating our own bats.

We've also been reading a lot of fiction bat books and using my new Fun with Fiction {Bats} packet.
Reading fiction and nonfiction books about bats has really allowed my students to distinguish between the two.
We will continue learning about bats all week.  I'm hoping to have my latest packet finished soon, which includes tons of resources for teaching about bats, spiders, fire safety, owls, and pumpkins. 

How can you not just LOVE October?

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